Please refer to Term & Condition attached

All cancellation requests  need to be submitted via email with date stated :-

  • Registration are non-transferable
  • No carry forward of registration
  • No cancellation, no change of date – no refund
  • Every change of date - RM300 impose (CASH)

All our cleanings are at CASH TERM, a deposit of minimum of 50% or more is payable upon agreeable.
All deposits are not refundable
The balance must be paid as IMMEDIATE after our cleaning – No Credit or Term
All the cleaning  products at The Store are under One Time  Cleaning’s Contract Service
All payment must be settle first before summit proceeding file
Residential maid service also act as one time cleaning contract service as the service from different day & different time
All services from Dustoff Clean Team Sdn Bhd are consider as One Time Cleaning Contact

  • Usually we clean from 8.00am to 11.00 pm - Monday to Sunday. Unless we have further instructions.
  • Please do make sure from Property Management aware of our arrival and time for cleaning with approval letter, and render to us prior 3 days before work commence, failing which the customer has to bear its consequences being late to initiate the said work
  • Sunday or public holidays are the best day for cleaning, while there is no sound disturbance for cleaning, all privacy is respected
  • Please  provide us with a parking lot & loading bay
  • Any delay of commencing work, will be borne by the customer simply because cleaning is much labor orientated
  • Mock test – Anomalously, an exam or a test had been done on the actual site for deciding’s method and deciding’s chemical treatment for the whole cleaning process. Those are set-grade, before cleaning start & end and which you agreed
  • Ball park price -  A ball park figure is a rough asking price as now, it may deter from actual cleaning day:
    1. Encounter different type of stain(s)
    2. Deciding change of cleaning methods
    3. Addition of work loads
    4. Others
  • Rental of: 1 ton lorry or Pick-up with 2 general workers - RM430 per trip
  • Rental of: Moveable - Lorry Sampah - RM150 per trip
  • Hand pick debris/sampah and disposal from site - Sugar Bag or 32" x 40" plastic bag - RM10 per bag
  • Cleaning pads
    1. Black pad – Abrasive
    2. Red pad – Semi-abrasive
    3. White pad – Polish
  • Cloth :-
    1. Red cloth – Treated with chemical
    2. White cloth - Normal
  • Mops:-
    1. Kentucky mop
    2. Dolly mop
Payment to: 
Dustoff Clean Team Sdn. Bhd.
MAYBANK 550736612275
(Kindly WhatsApp your receipt)
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