• Please refer Policy attached
    • We presume, those area are TOTALLY PREPARED FOR OUR’S FINAL CLEAN, no other general workers, contractors will interfere/jeopardies our cleaning effort. Dustoff Clean Team Sdn Bhd has the rights :–
    • Not  to start the work
    • Re-appointment for another cleaning date
    • Incur new charges, to re-clean the corrupted area
    • Cases like – Not entry by guard, no electricity/no water, loss of key, disallow by owner or any incident or incidents…. Thereafter we cannot start the work or late, we will impose the necessary charges
    • During the interim of work that perturbed us from having the cleaning ground – UNSAFE AREA, UNREADY, AUTHORITIES, ENFORCEMENT…… that leads postponement or delay work to carry forward.
  • We always would ready to continue the work as promised, however we cannot afford the loss of time. We have to collect the full amount of the contact price plus the time losses or penalty as well before restart the next work
  • We provide our own tools & chemical
  • We clean those area only once, if any intruders, contractors or others who dirty the place then we will not be responsible to re-clean. Additional charges is applicable.
  • We are cleaners not movers therefore we do not help to remove rubbish or debris. Please make sure all rubbish, sand, wood …. Are cleared and removed before we take over the place – We presume this area is left only us to do The Final Cleaning
  • SAFETY – Dustoff Clean Team Sdn Bhd  reserves the right not to continue certain part of the work if safety level at that specific work area is not me
    • We do not climb outside the building ( No scaffolding involved unless stated)
    •  We use only 5 step ladder (unless stated). We climb 2 step from top.
    • We use EXTENSION POLE  (1m by 1m ) as substitute  for climbing (unless stated)
  • DEFECTS (GREY AREA) – Commonly we found defect or defects, here in & after on the working site like problematic situation/ situations – Broken/scratches/ stained tiles, glass/mirror, wood, floor, cabinet, paints ……. We, at Dustoff Clean Team Sdn Bhd will not be responsible for any incident(s) of such.
  •  We only clean once – your trustee or superintendent and counter sign below of Contract Agreement must check and sign SIGN-OFF DOCUMENT immediately, Dustoff clean Team Sdn Bhd does not entertain, signing by delay & after checking. 
  • Failing to sign document at site – Please bring along the SIGN OFF DOCUMENT by yourself which attached together with Letter of Offer, we consider good were delivered. If un-sign!
  • We will call the owner or representatives/nominee /under signature, an hour in advance before we finish the job of the day, they must come in time to cross check the good work done as at to-date
  • Again, if they do not come at the mentioned time to cross check, we also consider the job done.
  • Dustoff Clean Team Sdn Bhd’s team at working side will rectify the incomplete job to desires result immediately
  • AFTER CONTRUCTION CLEANING (Caution : Cleaning in progress) – Please refer to your SAFETY MEASUREMENT
  • CARPET CLEANING ( Caution- Wet carpet) – We are not responsible for carpet:-
    • Shrinking
    • Losing color/Toning
    • Wear & tear
    • Smearing
    • Flowering
    • Others
  • CHANDELIAR CLEANING (Caution – Falling object)– Further discussion with you about The Ramification floor plan, a snap photo from the 1st day and the flow of cleaning process,  however we do not guarantee:-
    • Any scratches or broken crystal (s)
    • The broken hook or chain (electric/manual)
    • Spare-part
    • Accident (s) & 3rd party liability
    • Others
  • MATTRESS CLEANING & UPHOLSTERY (Caution – Watch your step):- Usually Dry cleaning  method give less issues but not applicable at certain times, however in wet or foam cleaning , we discharge all at:
    • Losing Color/Toning
    • Smearing
    • Wear & tear
    • Flowering
    • Others
  • FLOOR (Caution - Wet floor, slippery): We carry, Neutral Shampoo, (Ph7) alkaline, (Ph7 and above), Phosphoric acid (Ph7 below) & Multi-purpose Cleaner: - These chemical never have fume, perturbs to corrupt the environment or steel material.  All cleaners are trained, to put all chemical at the carry all tray or station at single corner.
  • GUM REMOVER/GROUT CLEANING ( Caution – High fume & inhalation hazard) : Safety measurement must be observe by the property owner or customer at working site (PPE & Fire distinguishers…) - Announcement  has been made by Ground Safety Cabin Manager, excessive of hair spray and fume, may cause spark of fire & those are strong smell, allergy & eye irritating at such, do stay away /migrate from working site
  • HEIGHT CLEANING – Scaffolding or ladder (Caution – Danger – Falling objects) – HIGH DUSTING, ROOF CLEANING, PLASTERING & LEAKING (Pressure Grouting). Those area must be barricaded, by your security - All children must not at the working site. Falling objects. We clean once only – your superintendent must check, we never come back later or tomorrow.
  • VINYL WAX & SEALER (Caution – No smoking): We can only conduct the job with no traffic or pedestrian – Barricaded. We will not be responsible for any human/animal foot print…. after passing-over the waxing’s task / We Clean Once only
  • STONES GRINDING/ RESTORATION (Caution – Hot work in progress. Keep out) – We carry heavier scrubbing machine (52kg) with added weights load in order to polish into a shining floor with diamond grid & powder. Usually, we attempt 3 diamond grids applications as standard shines, unless yours requisition is like 7 Stars Hotel outstanding split-shine standard– Do speak your mind with us?
  • COMMERCIAL SIGNBOARD - Sky lift (Caution – Overhead & below) – We Clean once only – Your Superintendent, must confirm the final clean before end of the day. We will never come back the next day. We has had satisfied the prospect with mock-test on the 1st attempt with required chemical (Stain remover) testing & the same method as proceeding treatment.
  • STAIN REMOVER (Caution – Stay away, fume….): - We imposes professional charges on all stain remover cases as a Consultant. Universal Sport Cleaner work best in all area and it may defer from places to places as aggregated. Stain uplifting shall be proven by  MOCK-TEST, and those are grade and on- going method & application
  • MAID SERVICE (Smile): MOVING IN, MOVING OUT – Those are trained maids or experienced labor ready to guise the environment.
  • ALL ONE TIME CLEANING ( Caution- Awareness)– Even we has had cleaned many space with different conditions of hygiene but coming area may be a new or challenge to us for completion of duty
  • ANY CLEANING SERVICE(S) THAT DO NOT MENTION ON OURS STORE – The whole gist is again and again, we cherish more cleaning challenges. The more treats, more satisfaction. Eventually inserting powerful cognition within individual or organization
Payment to: 
Dustoff Clean Team Sdn. Bhd.
MAYBANK 550736612275
(Kindly WhatsApp your receipt)
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